Business Startup

It can be a very rewarding, but quite daunting experience when you decide to start your own business. Many ventures stumble or fail in the early stages due to lack of appropriate planning. The more thought that can be given to issues at the outset, the higher the probability of success. Merrivale Accounting Services can advise and assist you in these important initial stages.

Our Business Startup services include:

  • Identifying your key motivations and objectives

  • Establishing the most appropriate business structure: sole trader, partnership, limited company

  • Notifying HM Revenue & Customs

  • Acting as agent for your business to HM Revenue & Customs

  • Registering your business for VAT, if applicable

  • Setting up a PAYE scheme, if required

  • Establishing an accounting year end

  • Determining your financial requirements

  • Determining and assisting in setting up a suitable accounting system to maintain appropriate records