Payroll Management

Due to the introduction of RTI by HMRC the payroll reporting requirements have become more onerous. The demand on your time is likely to have increased dealing with third parties like HMRC and Pension Administrators. As a business it is important that you maintain an efficient payroll system with the emphasis on accuracy and timescales. This process can be a lengthy time-consuming chore, using up time and resources that could be better spent focussing on your company’s business activities. In addition, non-compliance with tax & employment legislation has resulted in ever increasing penalties.

As an existing Payroll Bureau to a variety of businesses and organisations nationwide, we are experienced in adapting our service to the specific requirements of the individual, and ensuring that every detail for each employee is taken into account. We provide a reliable and confidential service. Our aim is to let you take back control of one of the most important and sensitive parts of your business ... paying your staff.

Our Payroll Management services include:

  • Advice and assistance in setting up a new scheme and registering with HM Revenue and Customs.

  • Running regular payrolls to suit your requirements, ie weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, termly, monthly.

  • Administering all statutory benefits to include SSP, SMP, SPP, together with statutory deductions such as student loans and Attachment of Earnings.

  • Administering Pensions and Employee Benefit deductions and paying over to the relevant Schemes.

  • Provision of Security payslips

  • Submitting BACS payments to staff

  • Providing full ‘end of year’ service as required by HMRC, producing annual returns and employees P60s.

  • Dealing with all HMRC queries.

  • Produce summaries and analysis of staff costs, which can be split into cost centres