School Payroll Services

School payroll has become increasingly complex with constantly changing legislation and Government policy. With current changes in the Education Sector many schools are starting to look for alternative means for ensuring their payroll management and expenditure is confidently maintained. Merrivale offer a range of services for schools to help with their day to day accounting. We can keep your books in order, manage your petty cash and take care of staff wages for you.

The concept of outsourcing payroll is nothing new for schools. Contracting out to the LEA is in effect already outsourcing a school’s payroll, and in some cases the LEA may themselves be subcontracting taking schools even further away from control of their payroll.

As an existing Payroll Bureau to a variety of businesses and organisations nationwide, we are experienced in adapting our service to the specific requirements of the individual, and ensuring that every detail for each employee is taken into account. We provide a reliable and confidential service. Based in Herefordshire we are a local company that makes our service personal and gives confidence to our local clients. Our aim is to let you take back that control over one of the most important and sensitive parts of running your school … paying your staff.

Our School Payroll services include:

  • Meeting the processing requirement of any payroll frequency (weekly, monthly or termly)

  • Management of Payroll deductions including union subscriptions and overpayments.

  • Management of Payroll adjustments including pay awards, increments, mileage and other expenses.

  • Administering all statutory benefits to include SSP, SMP, SPP, together with statutory deductions such as student loans and Attachment of Earnings.

  • Managing staff benefits such as childcare salary sacrifice schemes.

  • Pensions and employee benefit deductions including LGPS salary sacrifice schemes, and paying the pension contributions to the relevant Pension schemes.

  • Completion of Employer statements for the Teachers’ Pensions.

  • Provision of secure payslips.

  • Submitting BACS payments.

  • Providing full ‘end of year’ service as required by HMRC, producing annual returns and employees P60s.

  • Dealing with HMRC and other agency enquiries.

  • Reports tailored to cost centre requirements.

  • Compliant with maintenance of staff records to meet internal and external audit requirements.